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What we do for you

The client centre stage

Benseng International is pre-eminently a client oriented organisation. This means that from the very first contact the needs of the client are our central focus. We let the client fulfil a steering role.


As founders of Benseng International we have during 12 years gained knowledge and experience with all aspects of the ginseng chain. In vertical direction we do have specialised expertise about cultivation, processing and marketing of ginseng raw materials, semi manufactured materials and consumer products. In horizontal direction there is a lot of knowledge available on sales and the use of ginseng. This is information to and from consumers, retailers, wholesalers, producers of food supplements and functional foods in as well the human as the veterinary sector.

"Think Global, Act Local"

Despite the fact that Benseng International is as far as its extent a small player in the market, we do have access to every production area in the world. Whether it concerns the traditional productions areas in China, Korea, Canada and America, or the relative new areas in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia and New Zealand. With all of them we do have an excellent business relationship. By this we can deliver you the ginseng that suits your request the best.

Supporting your business

With our yearlong expertise we try to support you as our client as good as possible with the purchasing of ginseng or other TCM herbs and support you with the development and production of successful innovations. All the existing knowledge and experience of the productions chain, by preference combined with those of your company, are available for you.

Cost reduction

Benseng International does more than just simply supplying ginseng. With our yearlong experience and broad network of producers and suppliers we are aiming to provide similar or better quality ginseng for the sharpest price. On top of that you can use the ginseng expertise of Benseng International.

Broad assortment of products

Every client has its specific wishes and demands. After a short evaluation of your wishes and demands we search, make and/or deliver that product that will satisfy you. You decide on the specifications and we supply the ginseng according those demands. Do you need beside this other medicinal herbs? Ask for it and we will do our utmost best, via our extended global network, to satisfy your request.