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Who are we


The founders of Benseng International are the partners Ben Schepens and Marie-Anne Groenen. In the meantime both are over 10 years specialized working with ginseng. Both stood at the beginning of the cultivation of ginseng in The Netherlands and established this into a professional activity. They travelled the whole world to visit exhibitions, conferences, experts and companies. During these trips and by establishing the Dutch ginseng industry they gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience about the cultivation, processing, activity, sales and marketing of ginseng. The worldwide travels to exhibitions, congresses and companies resulted above all in an extensive and reliable network from producers, suppliers and customers.


Until early 2005, the founders of Benseng International were working as an employee with ginseng. The gained experience, expertise and established contacts made them decide to start their own company. Intensively they cooperate with a reliable network of suppliers, producers, specialists and advisors. In this cooperation Benseng International fulfils the specialized functions from innovator, coordinator, organiser and motivator.


Photo: we have access to assistance from all over the (ginseng) world


Supported by our extensive international network of contacts and companies, Benseng International is pretty much able to fulfil every (customer specific) demand for ginseng. The focus of Benseng Internationals is in particular the delivery of ginseng as raw materials, semi-manufactured products, functional ingredients and private label consumer products to processing companies from food supplements and food, traders, wholesalers, mail-order companies, therapists etc.