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  1. In case the distribution point of your choice doesn't have your required product in stock, please ask them to order that product for you. You can also contact one of our distributors or Benseng International BV directly.
  2. If you want, you can also recieve our products by mail. If you prefer that, please contact Benseng International directly. We will send the products free of mailing charges when the total invoice amount exceeds Euro 100. For orders with a total value less then Euro 100, we have to charge you Euro 5,00 for postage within the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands the actual postage costs will be charged.


NL: AMSTERDAM China Town, Geldersekade 94, 1012 BM Amsterdam 020-6245229
Dun Yong, Dhr. Kin-ping Dun, Stormsteeg 9, 1012 BD Amsterdam 020-6225825
NL: ARNHEM Wen Zhou Hang, Spijkerlaan 52, 6827 ED Arnhem
NL: BREDA Toko My An, Heksenkruid  8, 4823 JL Breda 076-5422104
NL: DEN HAAG Toko Mega, Gedempte burgwal 45, 2512 BS Den Haag 070-4272566
Wah Nam Hong Supermarkt, Gedempte Burgwal 8, 2512BT Den Haag 070-3601977
Wah Nam Hong International BV, Vlist 23, 2491 CC Den Haag 070-3178131
NL: EINDHOVEN Chin's Winkel, Kruisstraat 166, 5612 CN Eindhoven 040-2446218
Sin-Wah Supermarket, Mr. H.L.Le, Kleine Berg 65, 5611 JT Eindhoven 040-2442471
Yi Ren Tang, kruisstraat 108b, 5612 CL Eindhoven 040-2438681
NL: EERSEL Schepens, Boksheidsedijk 1, 5521 PR Eersel 0497-516416
NL: ENSCHEDE Peter Hu Asian Supermarket, De Klomp 146-152, 7511 DJ Enschede 0535-363433
NL: HAPERT Raymond Khor, Oude provinciale weg 23, 5527 BM Hapert 0497-384419
NL: LEEUWARDENToko Jin Yuan, voorstreek 22, 8911 JP Leeuwarden 058-2168421
NL: ROTTERDAM Shanghai Supermarkt, Westkruiskade 65, 3014 AM, Rotterdam 010-2827070
Wai Yat BV, West Kruiskade 35 b, 3014 AK Rotterdam 010-4116589
Praktijk Holyu, Mathenesserweg 123C, 3027 HM Rotterdam 010-4153258
Acupunct.& Chinese Geneesk., Westkruiskade 50, 3014 AT Rotterdam 010-4369187
Da Ren, Schiedamsedijk 11a, 3011 EC Rotterdam 010-4119429
NL: SCHIEDAMThai Wor Tong, Over de Vesten 3, 3116 AD Schiedam 010-4845361
NL: SOERENDONKVan der Heyden, Blake Beemd 14, 6027 NW Soerendonk  0495-592311
NL: ZWOLLE Toko Wen Zhou, Rembrandtlaan 57, 8021 DE Zwolle  038-4217718
BELGIE: BRUSSELKam Yuen Superm., R.de la Vierge Noire 2-4, 1000 Brussel, Belgie +32(0)25125833


NL: DEVENTER China Import Export, De Braam 151, 7421 CD Deventer 0570-651936
NL: ROOSENDAAL Liao Xiangang, Markt 31, 4701 PB Roosendaal 0165-551055


NL: VEGHEL Benseng International bv, Rietven 157, 5464 PJ Veghel +31(0)413-355361