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The applications of FLORAFARM Ginseng ointment

Florafarm Ginseng ointment has a broad range of effectiveness. It can have a distinct and positive effect on "minor" surface skin problems such as: itch of mosquito bites, scrapes and cuts, burns, blisters, chapping, acne, sunburn, etc. In addition, relief of "more serious" surface skin problems has been shown in a number of cases, including: bedsores, eczema, allergies and psoriasis. The ointment has a deep-working effect as well. A beneficial effect has been established for such problems as: sore and stiff muscles, stuffy nose due to a cold, a tickling cough.

Scrapes and cuts: Applying the ointment to a cut that has stopped bleeding helps prevent infection and speeds the healing process. The most important effect of the ginseng in the ointment is the increase of cell production potential of the skin, which means that new skin tissue will be produced more rapidly and the cut will heal more quickly. Formation of scar tissue is relevantly decreased by the use of the ointment.

Blisters (caused by burns or rubbing): The best and clearest results are obtained with blisters that have not yet burst open. Treating the blister gives a cooling effect and the fluid in the blister is reabsorbed through the skin, so that the upper level of skin is able to reattach itself. Reapplication of ointment is necessary to ensure that the blister doesn't refill with fluid. To give the blister a chance to heal, one should be careful not to rub or damage the area after the treatment. If the blister has burst open, the ointment has a cooling effect and helps prevent infection. It also stimulates healing, so that a treated 'open' blister will heal more quickly than an untreated one.

Chapping: The softening and nurturing effect of the ointment will prevent cracks in chapped hands. The ointment will soften the chapped and cracked skin and this, together with the cooling effect, will reduce the pain almost immediately. At the same time the stimulation of cell production and prevention of infection will be beneficial to the healing process.

Acne: The ointment should be applied to the skin after washing, so that the ointment can enter the pores, where it forms a small barrier against bacteria growth. Since the ginseng also helps prevent infection and stimulates production of healthy cells, the infected pores will heal more quickly. The ointment reduces the production of scar tissue significantly. The effect of ointment in this case would appear to be more curative than preventative.

Bed sores: These painful sores are the result of damage to the skin due to a long period in bed or sitting in the same position. The softening and healing effects of the ointment are most beneficial properties in such cases.

Eczema: There are many kinds of eczema. It is not known which types of eczema can be benefited by Florafarm Ginseng ointment. We have seen especially good results in treating athlete's foot. Within a few days after beginning the treatment the athlete's foot may worsen, after which it steadily improves.

Allergies: There are numerous allergic reactions. Which allergic reactions can be helped by Florafarm Ginseng ointment is not known. There have been positive experiences with allergic reactions caused by direct contact with certain substances, such as a sensitivity to gold or silver.

Psoriasis: The effect of the ointment on the skin condition psoriasis, which is sometimes stress related, is generally quite good. It is possible that the absorption of ginseng into the blood can lead to the reduction of stress. In addition the moisture regulating and nurturing effects of the ointment surely affect the condition, but it is probable that the greatest influence comes from the stimulation of healthy cell production. Within a few days of the beginning of the treatment the condition may get worse, after which it improves steadily.

Sore muscles: In this case it is the deep-working effect of the ointment that gives results. Strained and tired muscles are cooled by the ointment, while the high rate of lactate in the muscle, which is the true cause of the discomfort, is broken down more quickly by the liver. It is not as easy to explain why a stiff muscle recovers more quickly after use of ginseng. However this pain often disappears within 1-2 days if the ointment is applied repeatedly. It is likely that the ginseng causes the blood vessels to widen, making an increased blood flow possible and speeding recovery.

The common cold and tickling coughs: Both of these complaints have to do with the production of phlegm in the respiratory tract. Applying ginseng ointment to the throat stimulates the glands that produce phlegm. This will loosen the phlegm and help reduce the cold symptoms. By rubbing the chest with the ointment a tickling cough can be relieved.

The effects of Florafarm Ginseng ointment can be broader than those mentioned above, but are clearly of another range than the effects of the capsules.

The ointment is for external use only! Do not apply it to the eyes!

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