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White Korean ginseng - Slices/splinters


The straight main White Korean Ginseng roots are sorted, after which a special machine cuts them in wafer-thin slices perpendicular to the length of the root.

benseng white korean ginseng slices

A special machine cuts the hard ginseng root into thin slices.

Dried White Korean Ginseng roots are rock-hard. Carefully heating them in an oven or microwave softens them, allowing them to be cut with a knife when warm. The active ingredients in White Korean Ginseng roots (ginsenosides) are heat-resistant, and are not damaged or lost in the heating process.

benseng white korean ginseng slices

White Korean Ginseng slices are made by cutting the roots with a machine after they are heated.

The ginsenoside-level of the White Korean Ginseng slices corresponds with that in the used main root, and contains in average about 1-2% ginsenosides.


After the cutting process the slices go through a sieve, separating powder and small particles from the slices. Here a second selection is made by hand: all slices that are different of color or size are sorted are removed from the first-class batch.

benseng white korean ginseng slices sorteren

Ginseng Slices are evaluated and separated by hand.

The 'first choice' slices have a diameter of 0,5 - 2,5 cm and are about 0,5 - 2,5 mm thick. Interesting is that they roughly double in size after they are soaked in water for 5-10 minutes: practically as thick as the original root.

The pieces that are sieved out go through another sieve, achieving a second batch of pieces called shards or splinters. These are about 0,2 - 0,5 cm in size and 0,5 - 1,5 mm thick. After just a few minutes immersing in water these splinters double in size, making them suitable for making tea.


Normally any bulk quantities of White Korean Ginseng slices or splinters are packed in plastic bags in cardboard boxes or barrels.

If desired, smaller quantities can be packed in transparent plastic boxes.


The White Korean Ginseng slices or splinters do not dissolve in water. When soaked in water the active ingredients will gradually transfer to the water, making this form particularly qualified for making ginseng tea.

White Korean Ginseng slices have a light-yellow to beige color.

The taste of this root can be qualified as bitter-sweet. As the level of ginsenosides rises, the bitter taste intensifies and the sweet taste declines.

Because the hard roots are cut so thin, they can easily be chewed without further processing.


For optimal therapeutic results it is advised to take 30-60 mg of pure ginsenosides daily as ginseng slices.

White Korean Ginseng slices (product code: KSLnn) contain an average level of about 1,5-2,5% ginsenosides. This would mean that a daily intake of about 2-4 grams of White Korean Ginseng slices would be sufficient.

When you don't consume the slices as a whole but only make tea with them, a daily dose of 5-10 grams is advised. This because more than half of the ginsenosides will not be extracted and thus remain in the slices.

Practical experiences have demonstrated that activity and effects of Ginseng do not decline proportionally as a daily dose is lowered.

There is no dangerous (damaging) maximum daily dose, but 7 mg ginsenosides is looked at as a minimal dose. If you take less than 7 mg a day it will most likely not contribute anything.

When the slices or splinters are mixed with other medicinal herbs, a lower dose of White Korean Ginseng might be sufficient.

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