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Prices and delivery


Among other things, product specifications, given guarantee, purchase- and sale conditions, packaging conditions, export documents and order size affect the price. We do like to draw up these points with you before we make you an offer with our sharpest prices without engagement. All our prices are exclusive VAT.


Orders can be placed via e-mail or phone. If possible do mention the desired specifications and conditions. After we have processed your order in our administration we will send you as soon as possible an order confirmation.


If the ordered products are in stock, than delivery can be done by return. If the order concerns a non-stock product, a special delivery or a special production the delivery date will be discussed with the buyer.


We deliver standard all our goods in Europe including forwarding charges and transport costs. Due to the price differences between air- and ship fright over longer distances, we prefer to give the client the choice of transportation. Outside Europe we therefor offer standard prices excluding transportation. This so that the client can determine who and how the transport will be handled.


In our international purchasing and sales contracts we use the latest international accepted incoterms as described in: INCOTERMS 2000.

General sale and delivery conditions

At the content, agreement and fulfilment of all our transactions our general sale and delivery conditions are applicable, as registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Oost-Brabant.