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What does Benseng International BV provide?

Besides delivering a broad assortment of ginseng raw material, semi manufactured products and consumer products another core activity of Benseng International BV is the filling of hard gel capsules with ginseng, medicinal herbs and other food supplements.

For the filling of powders in capsules or other types of packaging, we give the client the choice whether they want to deliver the raw materials themselves or that they provide a recipe and Benseng International BV provides the necessary raw materials.

Through our yearlong experience, our own R&D department and a worldwide network of specialist, producers and suppliers, we are particularly specialised in solving client specific problems. And if we don't have an instant solution ready for you, we are more then willing to find it.

Strength of Benseng International BV

As a young independent enterprise Benseng International BV distinguishes herself positively in the production market from her competitor-colleagues on the following points: