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Why Benseng International BV

Premise of Benseng International BV regarding the filling of hardgel capsules is to be an extension of her clients. Within our production facilities we can make use of various production techniques and our specialised production employees with their many years of experience.

Benseng International BV aims mainly on order sizes of some ten thousands to some million capsules. This does not mean that we can not help you with larger or smaller orders.

Besides the filling of standard hardgel capsules we are especially strong in the processing of orders that are not standard. It is in the processing of products, where our clients can not be served elsewhere, that we are strong and have a lot of experience.

Strength of Benseng International BV

With the right apparatus nearly everybody can fill hardgel capsules. Than the price per capsules is not even the most important. Besides a competitive price, we offer you compared with many of our competitor-colleagues considerable more (financial) advantages:

Moreover it is a matter of course that we can provide you with the following:

Why hardgel capsules

Food supplements and beneficial herbs are consumed in various forms. Besides the intake via tablet form, powder form and liquid form, the intake as a capsule is most current. Within the capsules group 2 main sorts are distinguished, the so called 'softgel' capsules and the 'hardgel' capsules.
Softgel capsules: are mainly filled with a non-watery liquid, after which 2 capsule halves are as it were "melted together".
Hardgel capsules: are mainly filled with powders and granulates. The 2 capsule halves are "clicked together".

The advantages of putting your food supplements and/or beneficial herbs on the market in hardgel capsules with regards to others product forms can be, in any given order, the following: